Bavarian Forest 5 Days - BF5Days 2023

5 Days orienteering competition in the forests around Bodenmais in the heart of the Bavarian Forest

29 July - 2 August 2023

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Update April 2023

We have been quite busy over the Easter Holidays and spent considerable time in the forest around Bodennmais. All control locations for Day 3 have been pre-marked and most locations for Day 1 and 2 have been checked. Day 2 in particular has amazing rock formations with quite a few technically challenging control locations. Above are a few pictures of that area. We also visited the event centre for Day 5. The ride we were planning to use as a finish run-in into the event centre is badly overgrown meaning we needed to change plan. This might entail a slightly longer walk to the start but therefore most if not all courses can visit the intricate rock formations, many of them in open, runnable forest, which make this area so interesting.

The sprint map for Bodenmais has also been completed, you can see a small extract above. Start and Finish is located right in the centre of town at the market square, meaning minimal walking distance and maximum spectator action. We have done the rounds of the land owners and many gave permission to run across their property. The town centre is slightly more open and wide than some other small towns, so the sprint will be more about route choices (the market square sits on top of a fairly steep hill) rather than looking for intricate control locations.

Please remember that if you are interested in our quite Bavarian orienteering tops, you need to pre-order them until June1. We will also have a small number of shirts for sale during the event. For more details on our shirts, click here.

And lastly, I want to make you once more aware of the countless activity options in Bodenmais and the wider region, many of them free of charge, if you stay locally. Everybody who pays for accommodation in Bodenmais automatically receives a visitor card with many free offers (click here for details), for example free public transport. In addition many accommodation provider also offer the ActiveCARD with additional free offers, such as swimming pool, mini golf and Silberberg cable car, click here for details.

The new event tops have arrived!

As with the BF5Days 2022, there will be a special edition BF5Days 2023 event top. For 2023, we have come up with a slightly different and perhaps unusual design. Wearing your event top will certainly draw attention and hopefully will remind you of the fantastic forests and the Bavarian flair of the BF5Days 2023.

The shirts can now be ordered in our web shop. Payment is via bank transfer in advance. The shirts can then be picked up at the event. We will also order a few extra shirts to give runners the option to decide on a last minute purchase, but its best to pre order to guarantee size and design. The shirts cost 30 Euros if pre-ordered, 38 Euros if purchased at the event. We will also offer again the cotton hoodies and T-shirts with the BF5Days logo printed onto the chest.

All merchandise can be ordered until 1 June 2023. 

The maps for 2023 have been made!

Ingo, our map maker, has just spent 10 days in the forests around Bodenmais to draw up our maps for 2023. The terrain is similar to 2022. There are lots of rocks and rocky outcrops, and then some more rocks. The course planners will have plenty of features to choose from. We will be running in one of central Germany’s largest mountainous areas, and yes, there will only be a few flat areas – slopes, sometimes quite steep, will all part of the BF5Days experience! The forests are in part quite a wilderness, there is definitely some green, but a large part is open white forests, in which we will concentrate the courses. Here are the first impressions of the running areas and snapshots of the new maps.

What is included in the entry fee

Organizing and running a 5 day orienteering event in Bavarian forest is a fairly big undertaking, including over a year of planning, many visits to the area as well as hours on the computer, by many people. Here is a short list what you are getting for your entry fee:

Free parking on all 5 days, no extra parking fees!
Bus shuttle from event center to start/finish on 2 different days (so we can access new areas of the map without long walk to the start/finish)
Bus shuttle on Day 5 from the car park to the event center. As there is no parking close by, this area would otherwise not be accessible to us!
• 4 high quality forest maps, made by Ingo Horst. Ingo updates these maps again 1 month before the event!
• Enhanced public transport Bodenmais – event center Bretterschachten
• All other services a large orienteering event offers: SI timing and result service, all relevant permission, price giving ceremony and class prices, food and drink providers, toilets, orienteering shop and a friendly event team 

 TrailO Event alongside BF5Days 2023!

We added another attractive event offer for our participants: in the afternoon after the 3rd stage an event in Trail Orienteering (TrailO = precision orienteering) will be organized in a beautiful rocky terrain not far from the event centre. Everyone who likes to test his or her navigation skills without becoming physical exhausted is warmly welcome to join the PreO race. Further information can be found on our TrailO subpage here. The registration is to be done separately from the 5 days event, but in OrienteeringOnline as well.

See you at our TrailO event.

  • Event Organiser: Peter Weinig, 
  • Map Maker: Ingo Horst
  • Responsible Timing and IT: Simon  Harston
  • Technical Director: Ronny Natho
  • Course Setters: Roland Vogl, Klemens Janischowski and Veikko Baath
  • Event Team: Roland & Karin Vogl, Petra Lange and the Orienteering section of the SV Mietraching
  • Orienteering Shop: Sport Vogl

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