Event Merchandise

We are offering a high quality orienteering top printed with the event's logo in 2 colors as well as a comfy hoodie and a T-shirt with our logo printed onto the front. Also available will be a running hat and a classic necky. 

You can download and view our merchandise brochure here as PDF. 


We have been testing our BF5Days orienteering tops on many great occasions. The result is quite positive: The quality is good, fit is as advertised and the front zip comes in handy when conditions are starting to heat up! The design seems to please; we have been asked by quite a few runners where to buy these cool shirts. On the weekend 2-3 October the relay team of the Munich club won the open relay at the German Club Cup Competition in Gröden on their BF5Days shirts. Now they are winner shirts!


The BF5Days winner shirts are back!

Last weekend, we had a BF5Days technical meeting in the Taunus. We used the opportunity to run in a regional ultra-long competition. It was a fantastic area with many tricky route choices, we all enjoyed the run. Running in our BF5Days shirts, Ingo secured victory in M45, followed by Peter in second while Jack won the M16.

Maybe it is just a matter of believing strong enough in the victory propensities of our shirts to make the deciding difference!

Orienteering Shirt - black turtle
Orienteering Shirt - green

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