Information for the BF5Days 2024:

This is the page containing the main information for the BF5Days. Here we issue information regarding costs, courses, start times, etc. Please read this page carefully and re-visit it from time to time as we occasionally add information or might make changes.

The first detailed information, about the Event Centre, distances from start/finish and parking are now available in a PDF: Click here for the PDF. This year we placed particular attention to keeping the start/finish distances short. The finish is always at the Event Centre and the starts are never too far away. We have already published the provisional course lengths: click here for course lengths.

Course Details BF5Days 2024

Bavarian Forest 5 Days 2024

5 days of orienteering in the forests around Philippsreut and Haidmühle in the Eastern part of the Bavarian Forest, city sprint in Waldkirchen

6 - 10 July 2024

Date: 6 – 10 July 2024

Location: Philippsreut, Haidmühle, Waldkirchen, Bavarian Forest (Bayerischer Wald)

Event Type: 5 day event - 1 city sprint, 4 forest days

Maps: 1 - 3000 (city sprint), Equidistance 2.5m; 1 – 7500, Equidistance 5m

Timing system: Sportident, SI Air is activated

Scoring: Points based scoring system (daily winner = 100 points). For the combined total score, the best 4 of 5 will be added together.

Prizes: Prizes for top 3 in all categories. Separate prize giving for the city championships Waldkirchen with prizes for the first of each category.

Classes: M10, M12, M14, M16, M18, M20, M21E, M21K (kurz), M35, M40, M45, M50, M55, M60, M65, M70, M75, M80, W10, W12, W14, W16, W18, W20, W21E, W21K (kurz), W35, W40, W45, W50, W55, W60, W65, W70, W75, Open Short, Open Middle, Open Middle Easy, Open Long, Kids 12 Shadow,

Free start times for all Open categories: All Open categories as well as the Kids 12 Shadow have no fixed start times, although you need to start 30 minutes before the official "last start."

New category Kids 12 Shadow: We were asked if we could also allow kids older than 10 to have a shadowed category. As a result we combined the M/W 10 Shadow and extended it to age 12. REMEMBER: If you want to shadow your kids this HAS TO BE after your own run. Kids 12 Shadow have open start times.

New category Open Middle Easy: Some runners asked for an open category that allows longer running times but easier than the Open Middle. Therefore we introduced the Open Middle Easy. Roughly, this will have the difficulty of the M/W14 and the length of the W16.

Open Categories and Courses: For you to be able to better judge the requirements of the Open Categories, here is the alignment with the other categories:

Kids 12 Shadow: M/W10
Open Short: M/W12
Open Middle: W16
Open Middle Easy: Difficulty: M/W14, Length: roughly M16
Open Long: W21E

The open categories are not designed to be easy categories. They correspond in length and difficulty to their assigned classes.

Class reduction: In case there are less than 6 competitors in a class, this class might be combined with the next higher one.

First start:
Day 1: 12.00
Day 2: 15.00 (city sprint)
Day 3: 10.00
Day 4: 10.00
Day 5: 10.00

Indemnity: For all runs on Staatsforsten Property (the landowner of many of the forests) an indemnity has to be agreed to by every competitor. Please see further down this page for more details.

Entry fees:
Payment received until

M/F10, M/F12, (incl. Shadow), M/F14: 75 € / 5 Days, 15 € / per stage
All others (including Open): 125 € / 5 Days, 25 € / per stage

16.06.2024 (Last entry deadline)
M/F10, M/F12, (incl. Shadow), M/F14: 75 € / 5 Days, 15 € / per stage
All others (including Open): 150 € / 5 Days, 30 € / per stage

Payment details:
Account holder: Endspurt Events GmbH
IBAN: DE63 1001 0010 0066 5211 45
Bank: Fyrst

Purpose: BF5days, Names(s) of competitor(s)

Bank fees for international transfers are to be born by the sender.

Entries: Already possible now and until 16 June 2024 on Orienteering Online

Entries are only valid once payment has been received, before the deadline for the appropriated fee as stated above.

BE AWARE: Orienteering Online always shows the entry fee at the time of enrolment. However, the entry fees are due according to the date you make the transfer and therefore can be higher than what is displayed on Orienteering Online. To avoid confusion, best make the transfer at the same time you enrol!

Late entries at the competition:
Late entries on the days of the competition cost the then current entry fees but are only possible if there are maps and vacant start slots available. To make sure you get the category you want, best enrol until the 16 June 2024. Changes to the category and changes to the SI number are possible on Orienteering Online until the 16 June 2024 free of charge.

After the 16 June, changes can only be made in person at the event, subject to availability of maps and vacant start slots. To avoid longer queues at the event, best do this via Orienteering Online until 16 June.

Start times and requests for specific start times: Start times will be assigned to clubs, meaning members of the same clubs have similar start times. For the forest days, each club will be assigned an early, 2 middle and a late starting block. You can establish your own club on Orienteering Online, for example if you want to start as a family. We will of course also accept start time requests, if for example you want to have an early and a late start to look after kids. Please remember that all open categories including the Kids 12 Shadow have open start times, meaning you can start at any time you want to, but last possible start is 30 minutes before the official last start. The deadline for requesting specific start times is the 16 June (entry deadline). After this, we will print the start numbers which include the start times and therefore start time changes are no longer possible. We will not be able to fulfil all start time wishes (e.g. earliest start times on every day), families will have priority. In 2023 we managed to give all families the start times they wanted!

Maximum Entrants: The total number of entries is capped at a maximum of 800 participants. Once this number has been reached, no further entries will be accepted. Entries will be accepted on a first come first served basis, by date of payment.

Organizer: Endspurt Events GmbH

Important Notice: All competitors start at their own risk. Orienteering can be an inherently dangerous activity. Organizers, local authorities or property owners cannot be held liable.

By taking part in this event all participants agree to the publication of enrolment details, results and photos taken during the event in the internet, other media and displays at the event.

Travel insurance: In 2022 and 23, we had a few instances of competitors being unable to join the event on short notice, for example because of medical reasons like Corona. To avoid loosing out on entry fees, we STRONGLY recommend a travel insurance which covers this eventuality for our event.

Cancellation condition: We offer a 50% refund (minus banking fees, if applicable) for a cancellation in writing until the 1. May 2024. After that no refund will be given. This is for the instance that a competitor does not take part in the event for whatever reason after payment of the start fees.

If the organizer cancels the event the following conditions apply:
1.) Cancellation because of Corona guidelines: If the event has to be cancelled because of Corona guidelines by the authorities, all entry fees minus a 5 Euro administration fee will be refunded. Applicable banking fees will also be deducted.
2.) Cancellation on short notice because of weather related reasons or because of requirements by the authorities: If the event or single days of the event have to be cancelled on short notice (10 days or less before the start of the event) because of weather related reasons or instructions by the local authorities (for example because of storm it is too dangerous to enter the forest, the forest cannot be entered because of flooding or results thereof) no refunds will be given.
3.) Cancellation for other reasons: If the event will be cancelled for other than above mentioned reasons, all already paid start fees will be refunded, minus any banking charges.

If the event has to be cancelled for reason 1 or 3 above, all entries will be automatically rolled over to the following year. If a roll over is rejected by the participant, a refund has to be applied for by e-mail within 30 days of cancellation. In this case, the entry fees will be refunded as described above.

German and English website: In case there are any discrepancies between the German and the English version of the website and entry requirements, the German version prevails.

Haftungsausschluss der Bayerischen Staatsforsten

Das Betreten des Waldes erfolgt grundsätzlich auf eigene Gefahr.
Die BaySF weisen auf die Gefahren im Wald hin, insbesondere abseits der Wege, z.B. abgestorbene oder kranke Bäume und Äste, Wurzeln, Felsen, Gewässer, Insekten, giftige Pflanzen.
Eine Verkehrssicherungspflicht der BaySF abseits von Wegen besteht nicht. Jeder Teilnehmer wurde hiermit darauf hingewiesen, dass er für sich selbst verantwortlich ist. Die BaySF übernehmen keinerlei Haftung.
Die BaySF können bei vorliegen wichtiger Gründe dem Teilnehmer einen Platzverweis erteilen.

Vor dem Start muss deshalb jeder Teilnehmer/inn diesen Haftungsausschluss zur Kenntnis nehmen und sein Einverständnis erklären. Er/Sie erklärt sich mit Anmeldung zu den BF5Days mit dem Haftungsausschluss der BaySF einverstanden. Dies gilt auch für Minderjährige Teilnehmer. Die Erziehungsberechtigten sind hiermit darüber unterrichtet. 


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