Accommodation during the BF5Days

There are many options in and around Bodenmais of various accommodation options.

Here are a few thoughts on how to find the right accommodation for the BF5Days:

Since accommodation is a central issue for all competitors of a 5 day event, I have spent considerable time on this issue. I met with the directors of the Bodenmais tourism office and he has suggested various ways how to find the right accommodation as well as what help is available. He cannot recommend global booking portals such as since many local providers are not listed on these portals. All links and addresses are on the bottom of this page!

Accommodation brochure: Bodenmais has a detailed brochure which lists all accommodation providers. You can download this as a PDF or order a printed copy.

Telephone calls and Live Chat: Helping to connect guest with accommodation providers is one of the central responsibilities of the local tourism offices. They are looking forward to being contacted directly by the visitors, best by telephone. Bodenmais alone has 3 staff solely manning phones to help. There is also a live chat which is covered by the same staff.

Booking portals: Bodenmais maintains their own booking portals which I can highly recommend. All accommodation providers use this portal.

Individual accommodation list: On request, the tourism office Bodenmais can issue a personalized list of accommodation providers that fits your individual needs. You tell them exactly what you need, such as number of people, dates, size and type of accommodation and the office will send you a list with providers that fit your requirements and have vacancies. This can be requested by phone or e-mail under veranstalter(at)

Lastly, I want to say that there is definitely enough accommodation option in the wider Bodenmais area for every runner, nobody will have to sleep in the ditch. It might involve a little bit of effort to find exactly the right accommodation for your needs, but it will be well worth it!

Telephone number tourism office Bodenmais: +49 9924 778135

Life Chat Bodenmais

Accommodation brochure Bodenmais

Booking portal Bodenmais

Important: When you use official accommodation in Bodenmais (and many other communities), you will automatically get a so called GUTI ticket which gives you many local discounts but most importantly gives you free local public transport. The bus to Bretterschachten (Day 3, 4 and 5) for example is covered by the GUTI ticket. 

You can find information on the GUTI ticket here:


We know that many of you orienteers come to our run with a camper van, so we have put together some information here.
First, unfortunately, the restrictions:

We have received all relevant permits from the Forestry Commission and the Nature Conservation Authority, but with the clear restriction that camper vans may only be parked overnight in designated spaces. So, you cannot stay overnight in any of the public parking areas that are used for the BF5Days. I would sincerely ask that you adhere to this local authority condition, otherwise we won't be able to get the necessary permits in future for this great forest area around Bodenmais.

In the Bodenmais region, there are some designated camper van sites. Here are some suggestions to help with your planning:

Campsite in Regenhütte,
This is a 7-minute drive from the Event Centre at Bretterschachten.
GPS: 49.079470, 13.207059

Campingresort Bodenmais
This is an 8-minute drive from the Event Centre at Bretterschachten.
GPS: 49.057654, 13.104802

Overnight camper van parking in Bodenmais
This is an 11-minute drive from the Event Centre at Bretterschachten. It is within walking distance of the Bretterschachten bus stop, the City Sprint Event Centre and the Shuttle Bus stop for Day 5.
GPS: 49.071207, 13.092940

For further options for overnight parking on the Arber Region website, click here.

Bodenmais Accommodation Booking Portal

Our host community has a huge range of accomodation options. For information and booking information, best visit their multi language accommodation booking portal:

Viechtach Accommodation Booking Portal

Viechtach also has a huge range of accommodation options. For information and booking information, best visit their multi language accommodation booking portal:


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