Bavarian Forest 5 Days 2022
Orienteering Cup
Viechtach & Bodenmais

30 July - 3 August 2022

A 5 day orienteering competition in the fantastic nature of the Bavarian Forest.

Here, we will add information once available:

  • 5 Stages: 4 forest stages, 1 city sprint!
  • Totally new areas: 5 new areas, never mapped or used before!
  • Activity holiday options: Loads of things to do for the entire family!
  • Great accommodationMany accommodation options from top hotels and holiday flats to youth hostel and camping park!

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  • Map Maker: Ingo Horst
  • Responsible Timing and IT: Simon  Harston

Update: 11 November 2021

At the beginning of November we spent an intensive week in and around Bodenmais and there are quite some new developments. Ingo Horst, who makes all our maps, joined us to draw the last missing map for the BF5Days, “Kronberg /Crown Mountain”. All of us are very excited about this competition area, here is a short description:

This area is an orienteer's dream consisting of mostly open “white” forest punctuated by rock formations of all shapes and sizes from small boulders to large rock walls. Two good forest tracks run along the slopes of the hill which are connected by many easy runable tracks. Fast running times are expected , although like everywhere in the Bavarian Forest there are nearly no flat parts to the map, elevation gain will be integral part of any run.

During numerous day inside the forest we walked extensively over the ground the courses will cover, checked the concept of the various courses and pre-marked some of the control post locations. One result is that we decided to use a map scale of 1-5000 for the run on the Kiesriegel / Pebbels Bar map. We believe that this scale will portray the many rock formations in more detail and lead to a better running experience. However, this will not be a sprint distance day, we only adjusted the scale of the map. It is still a relatively wild area of the forest which never ceases to impress us.

I have added detailed descriptions to each event day to the website which you can see in PDF format here.

The city administration of Viechtach gave us the outstanding permissions to use all public spaces within the old city. I am pleasantly surprised how much support we are getting from the entire administration up to the point that parts of the old city will be closed during the run for through traffic. Maybe not essential to the run but nevertheless great news s that the local brewery, the Gesselschaftbrauerei Viechtach became the official sponsor of the city sprint and will supply the prices for the City Championship.

We also met with the directors of both tourism offices for a detailed discussion regarding the accommodation situation. We added quite a few resource to our Accommodation page with helps and hinds how to find the accommodation you need. We also discussed the situation with public transport with the idea to be able to access all venues from Bodenmais conveniently by public bus. There is already a direct bus from Bodenmais to the event centre at Bretterschachten stopping right in front of registration. We hoping for an increase of frequency which would make it even more feasible to use this bus. This discussion has not been concluded and we will publish any news here. Until then, we already added some details on bus timetables and routes on our Location page.

We also put our small webshop live, there you can pre-order your event merchandise in advance and after payment, pick it up during the event. Click here for details and the webshop.

Lastly, we started an interesting discussion on our facebook page on how to best describe a special control post location (click here for the picture) on the control description.

Things are progressing rather nicely and I am looking forward to seeing you all next year in the forest around Bodenmais. 

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