Bavarian Forest 5 Days 2022
Orienteering Cup
Viechtach & Bodenmais

30 July - 3 August 2022

A 5 day orienteering competition in the fantastic nature of the Bavarian Forest.

Here, we will add information once available:

  • 5 Stages: 4 forest stages, 1 city sprint!
  • Totally new areas: 5 new areas, never mapped or used before!
  • Activity holiday options: Loads of things to do for the entire family!
  • Great accommodationMany accommodation options from top hotels and holiday flats to youth hostel and camping park!

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  • Map Maker: Ingo Horst
  • Responsible Timing and IT: Simon  Harston

Update - 26 December 2021: Course Lengths

We have received quite a few enquiries regarding course length. I quite understand the urge to know what you are actually signing up to. Personally, I also prefer to know the course lengths before the entry deadline of any event!

Unfortunately, we cannot give you exact details at this point. We have of course started planning and discussing the courses in detail. During our last visit when we tested a few of the courses we noticed that especially at the Bretterschachten, the terrain is quite challenging, meaning longer running times as we originally thought. Therefore we are in the process of reconfiguring our planned courses. We should hopefully have more details and some number and details in mid January and will publish them here on our website.

What we have published already is the day to day information (link here) which gives you a good idea about the competition area but also what’s planned each day. We do of course already have a concept on how the days should look like:

Day 1, Bretterschachten: Classic distance, some classes potentially slightly shorter.
Day 2: City sprint, Viechtach: The longest course will be 3.3km (M21E, ideal route), the shortest 0.9km (M/W10)
Day 3: Kronberg: Course length somewhere between a classic and a middle distance.
Day 4: Bretterschachten: Middle distance on a detailed 1-5000 map.
Day 5: Bretterschacthen: Classic distance with less distance but more elevation gain.

Important: On Orienteering Online (link here) you can of course still change your category with no extra fees after the payment deadline. This gives you the possibility to adjust your entry once we have published the course lengths. 

Any questions?

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